Mont Belvieu Counseling
Committed to helping you achieve a more balanced, manageable, &  purposeful life
P.O. Box 297
Mont Belvieu, Texas  77580
(713) 825-0086

P.O. Box 297, Mont Belvieu, Texas  77580

(713) 825-0086

Fees & Payment

Fees & Payment Policy

Ms. Neese’s fee is $100.00/hour for Individual Therapy and $150.00/hour for Couples/Family Therapy. Ms. Neese also provides in-home counseling on a case-by-case basis. Ms. Neese’s In-home individual counseling fee is $200/hour. Session fee must be paid by the client at the onset of each session. 

Ms. Neese offers a 10% discount when purchasing three sessions at a time.

If Ms. Neese is considered an out-of-network health care provider by your insurance company, she will provide you with the proper information and information to submit to your health insurance company. 

If Ms. Neese is considered an “in-network” provider, your deductible payment is due to Ms. Neese at the onset of each session, and Ms. Neese will subsequently submit the proper paperwork to your insurance company. 

At this time, Ms. Neese only accepts Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance.

If more than three (3) consecutive sessions have occurred without payment, termination or referral of services may be considered, and will be discussed with the client.

Phone Consultation

After the first ten (10) minutes of phone consultation, clients are billed $20.00 per ten (10) minutes. After the first ten (10) minutes, clients are billed a minimum of $20.00. Immediate payment is required. Please see the examples below: 

Example A: Thirty (30) minute phone consultation 

                      First ten (10) minutes = free of charge 

                      Twenty (20) minutes of phone consultation = $40.00 

Example B: Forty-five (45) minute phone consultation 

                      First ten (10) minutes = free of charge 

                      Thirty-five (35) minutes of phone consultation = $70.00

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of an existing appointment must be made at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance. If the appointment is canceled less than 24 hours before the scheduled time, the client will be billed $100.00. 

Furthermore, if Ms. Neese is not contacted to reschedule or cancel an appointment (at any time), she will make at least two attempts to contact the client. Subsequently, a Termination of Services letter and $100.00 invoice (for the missed appointment) will be mailed to the client.

Please be aware that most if not all insurance companies do not reimburse for “no-show” or canceled appointments, and the client will be responsible for the full amount. Unforeseen or emergency situations will be taken under consideration.

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